Posted on November 01, 2014

Driven by a strong belief of community service, the Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) have been actively encouraging Kawader participants to engage in community and environmental programs.

Twenty one young Qatari men and women reached out to the members of Qatar’s community offering a combination of financial aid and emotional support. To demonstrate their commitment to such Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives; the participants have confirmed to organize 3 CSR activities this year. Organized entirely by Kawader participants, the group took up the first initiative of helping Hammali workers. Due to the onset of winter the group decided to equip the workers with winter gears and also provided financial aid. Additionally 260 gift vouchers from Carrefour were distributed to the workers and the less fortunate elders of the community at Souq Waqif.

Kawader participants launch their 2 [].jpgDr. AbdulAziz AlHorr, CEO, QFBA said: “Our motto at QFBA is to grow Qatar’s financial services sector but we also believe that CSR initiatives represent an important part of this agenda. The Academy always strives to encourage participants to think about the community and enhance the spirit of cooperation between young Qatari people and the less fortunate groups in the society. We have been delighted with the success of these initiatives and with the active engagement and enthusiasm of our Kawader participants. .”

Following the first initiative the participants organized a second outreach program targeting the children at the ‘Al Shafallah Center for Children with Special Needs’. And a third initiative which supported the construction workers in different construction sites throughout the city. Over 100 meal packets were distributed amongst the workers on various construction sites.

Kawader participants launch their 3 [].jpgIt is worth mentioning that ‘Kawader’ program is an innovative learning initiative by QFCA and QFBA, who believe in investing in the future of the potential business leaders and decision-makers of Qatar’s emerging industry of financial services sector. The program endeavors to equip participants with internationally recognized professional certifications along with enhanced personal development skills which will drive their growth in the industry.