Posted on October 14, 2019

KidZania Doha, amulti award-winninglearning and entertainment brand, and Rayyan Natural Water Company, Qatar’s largest national supplier of natural mineral water, finally announced the launch of the project – a kid-sized Water Lab inside the city of KidZania Doha.

A press conference lead by Qatar Entertainment Company (Tasali) Board Member, H.E. Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Ahmed Al Thani, and Al Rabban Holding Managing Partner, Mr. Khalifa Al Rabban, took place at the KidZania Doha facility, which was then followed by the signing of the Partnership Agreement and Ribbon Cutting in front of the Water Lab establishmentmarking its official inauguration. The collaboration between the two topnotch companies aims to educate the children of Qatar about the importance and value of water through letting them in on the process of water sourcing and manufacturing, while promoting and boosting science literacy.

KidZania Doha and Rayyan 1 [].JPG

In the ‘Water Lab’, children will take on the role of a water biologist and will learn about the journey of the mineral water, from sourcing it through conducting a series of tests to making the finish product.Besides this, children will also experience delivering Rayyan bottled waters to other establishments. At the end of each activity, they will take home the bottled water they made and receiveKidZos (KidZania’s currency) as their fruit of work. This partnership betweenhighly-reputable companies is part of KidZania’sdesireand vision to provide a realistic and unique learning environmentfor children that is both fun and educational through role-playing, in which the expertise and skills of international and local brands are used as an asset in providing an all-out experience.

H.E. Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Ahmed Al Thani, Qatar Entertainment Company (Tasali)Board Membersaid that, “KidZania is the world’s leading edutainment brand. In KidZania, kids learn through role playing and the unique business model allows for kids to interact with brands and business in the country.”

“Partnering with Rayyan Water provides kids in Doha the opportunity to interact with Rayyan Water and understand the process, science, values and business of bringing a valuable resource like water to market. I am delighted that we have provided the kids in Doha this unique opportunity which I believe helps them to increase their knowledge in different fields, interact and understand the process behind the making of a successful brand like Rayyan Water,” he continued.

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Mr. Khalifa Al Rabban, Managing Partner of Al Rabban Holding Co, added: “We believe our partnership with KidZania provides a unique platform to not only educate children on our water bottling process, but also the opportunity to support the Qatar National Vision by encouraging an active interest in learning.” KidZania Doha is operated by Qatar EntertainmentTasali W.L.L., a National Qatari joint venture of Sharaka Holdings and Aspire Zone Foundation. It has been honored with recognition awards from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, National Tourism Council, Best Buddies and Shafallah, and is also classified as one of Qatar’s most accessible venues by Accessible Qatar.

KidZania Doha is located in the heart of Aspire Park in Doha, Qatar, with a footprint size of over 5,500 square meters. It provides a unique educational and entertainment experience, offering 42 establishments where children aged betweentwo and fourteen years will be able to role play up to 60 ‘adult jobs’ while learning a variety of values including self-reliance, teamwork, honesty, integrity and society awareness. KidZania Doha officially opened its doors to the children of Qatar in May 2019 and became the 27th KidZania Metropolis around the world. The brand, who now caters to over 80 million visitors worldwide, also marks their20th anniversary this year.