Posted on September 25, 2016

With the aim of offering youngsters an insiders' experience into the media industry, KidzMondo Doha, Qatar’s one-of-a-kind miniature edutainment city, has partnered with Dar Al Sharq Group to add a ‘newspaper establishment’ to its rich array of educative and entertaining activities.

The unique establishment, which will be built to mimic its real-world counterpart, will teach kids the inner workings of a news organization and provide them with valuable insights, gleaned from a wealth of practical experience, into the media world. The child will be able to learn the skills of Sequence  of events regarding printing process, work flow of a the newspaper editor, learn technical aspects of the profession, acquire technical terms related to newspaper editing, interview people and become an editor through role playing.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Nabil R. Barakat, General Manager of KidzMondo Doha said: “KidzMondo Doha’s distinctive partnership with Dar Al Sharq is designed to take our young visitors on an immersive journey through the media landscape in Qatar. Through our upcoming ‘newspaper’ establishment, which will be modeled after the actual setup of one of the leading publications in the country, Al Sharq newspaper, kids will interactively learn the sequence of events that go into printing a newspaper, understand the technical aspects and terminology of the profession, and interview people as well as become editors through role playing. We are really excited to bring this sensational new educational activity to children and families at KidzMondo’s upcoming indoor theme park in Doha.”

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On his part, Mr. Jaber Al Harami, Editor in chief    at Dar Al Sharq Group, said: “At Dar Al Sharq, our mission has always been to become a media institution that seeks to integrate its contribution in the construction of our beloved homeland and Qatar National Vision 2030. Our partnership with KidzMondo Doha is an important step in that direction. Over the years, we have strategically grown our activities and expanded the core journalism mission of our debut beyond expectations. Al Sharq Newspaper establishment at KidzMondo Doha is a fascinating way to introduce young minds to the thrilling world of news and media in a fun, yet educational environment, which is perfectly aligned with Dar Al Sharq’s social and awareness initiatives, emanating from its belief in the importance of social work and the distinctive role it plays in building human capacity in Qatar.”

Since it published its first edition in 1987, Al Sharq has grown to become the most read Arabic daily in Qatar, a status recognized on several occasions by international research agencies, such as PARC (Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated) and IPSOS. In 2011, it was named by Forbes magazine as one of the 50 most powerful Arab newspapers in terms of online presence. Al Sharq was also the first Qatari newspaper to offer readers an electronic news service that is updated round the clock via its official website.

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KidzMondo Doha’s partnership with Dar Al Sharq Group further enriches children’s experience at the edutainment theme park, by complementing its extensive range of real-world establishments and activities. The upcoming indoor theme park, dubbed the "city of education and entertainment", features an interactive kid-sized city developed for and managed solely by children between the age of 2 and 14. The self-sufficient city, with its own economy and currency (Kidlars), includes over 80 real-life simulation activities across diverse business environments, and allows children to dress up and role-play realistic tasks in a safe, interactive and educational environment.

The activities will support social, artistic, creative and cognitive development amongst others, while unlocking imagination and creativity in children and empowering them with knowledge, essential skills and life-lessons that will help them become well-versed individuals and prepare them for the professional world of adults with confidence and courage.