Posted on May 16, 2013

Following the launch of L’Batak earlier this month in Al Khor, the Qatar Football Association (QFA) and Qatar Shell are currently setting up a brand new fan zone at the 40,000-seat Khalifa International Stadium ahead of the final match of His Highness (HH) the Emir’s Cup this weekend.

Attended by over 2000 participants since its launch, L’Batak is a high-tech football themed mobile Fan Zone touring Qatar to burn the highest total number of calories possible. L’Batak is being showcased at key locations across Qatar as a unique, flexible version of a modern-day fitness center, featuring a wide range of activities recreating cardio-based physical movements that would occur in a traditional gym environment, such as running, lunges, and squats, within a football themed space.

The activity in Al Khor served as a fan zone for the semifinal of HH the Emir Cup, which took place on May 11th

“The fan zone marking HH the Emir Cup’s final matches is going to be spectacular – we are excited to see the national spirit come to life as Qatar’s youth come forward to be part of L’Batak on May 18th. The combination of indoor and outdoor football related activities offered as part of L’Batak has been instrumental in keeping the participants engaged throughout. The highly positive feedback we have received from both the community and schools officials after the launch of L’Batak shows that participating youth are headed in the right direction and we hope that they will continue to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle through football,” said Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Buainain, Treasurer, QFA.

“The Emir Cup is a period of national pride for Qatar –  and we are very proud of the large number of young people from Al Khor and neighbouring Al Shammal who participated in L’Batak so far. We hope that this high-tech Fan Zone will ultimately train participants to think that physical activity isn’t a chore – but a part of maintaining good health and an active lifestyle on a daily basis,” said Wael Sawan, Managing Director and Chairman of Qatar Shell Companies.

“In line with our support to the Qatar National Vision 2030, L’Batak will give children and young adults, both men and women nationwide access to more football, leading in turn to healthier youth, and a better future for Qatar.” added Sawan.

So far, over 2000 participants have experienced the activities which include freestyle kicks, goal scoring and a “dance dance revolution” style simulation game known as Taffanan – which is becoming increasingly popular amongst young people as it allows participants to control a football player on the screen as he performs tricks with a football – amongst others. An automated, integrated system known as ‘Score Totem & Master’ Calorie Counter is used to calculate scores and display total number of calories burnt for each participant.

“We were really impressed with the set up of the L’Batak fan zone in Al Khor and how the program is designed to include a variety of activities to engage youth in Qatar. We are very happy that events of this scale are coming to the Northern Community. L’Batak has been very well received by the students and we would like to thank the QFA and Qatar Shell for making it possible” said Hessa Lahdan Al Mohannadi, Physical Education Teacher, Al Khor Independent School for Boys.

“The activities are great – it was a lot of fun to participate along with my friends in L’Batak in Al Khor. I succeeded in burning the most amount of calories in our group,” said Hassan Yan, a student at Al Khor Independent School for Boys.

“L’Batak is an excellent way to spend time with my friends while playing football, the sport we all love. Also, I always wanted to be part of HH the Emir’s Cup somehow, and these games are an amazing way of doing that – my friends and I are looking forward to participate in L’Batak Fan Zone at HH the Emir Cup Final ,” said Jassim Al Moraikhi, a student at Al Khor Independent School for Boys.

L’Batak is part of the broader KOORA TIME initiative announced by the QFA and Qatar Shell earlier this year aimed to inspire behavioural change towards health and fitness through football in line with Qatar’s National Development Strategy and Qatar National Vision 2030.

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