Posted on September 24, 2011

KATARA will host the first Latin American Cultural Festival (LACF) from October 6 to 15. The 10-day festival will feature music, dance and film from South America.

In cooperation with the embassies of Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, the festival will showcase the rich cultural diversity of the region, unknown to foreigners.

In a press release, Katara President Abdulrahman al Khulaifi said, “As part of its mission, Katara, the Cultural Village, aims at spreading awareness about the importance of the significant contribution of every culture and civilization to the development of the world. We seek through our enriching events to reduce the cultural gap between civilizations and re-forge the cultural connection between nations through the power of knowledge and arts.”


The opening night will feature a music show by Pancho Amat Y Su Cabildo Del Son and Johnny Ventura, from Cuba and Dominican Republic, respectively. The children will be entertained with Circuba, a Cuban circus show on the second day of the festival. Artistes will perform acts such as tightrope walk, acrobatics on rollerskates and unicycles, jugglers, hoppers, aerial silk and clowns.

The same day will feature Brazilian movie, Dois Filhos de Francisco. A Cuban movie, Viva Cuba for kids, Argentinian movie, Iluminados Por El Fuego and music shows Familia Assad and Tango Vivo from Brazil and Uruguay, respectively will be showcased on the third day of the festival. Music shows provided by Serenata Guayanesa and Ruben Rada, from Venezuela and Uruguay, respectively will entertain the crowd on Sunday.

A classical concert by musicians performing Dominican and Latin music directed by Dominican composer and director of Dominican National Orchestra, Jose Antonio Molina, with participation of Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra will be held on Monday 10.

A dance show Ballet Folklorico Nacional and music show Editus, from El Salvador and Costa Rica, respectively will also be held.