Posted on March 27, 2016

Promoted under the theme of “Reality and Future Outlook”, the first International Social Responsibility conference was inaugurated by HE Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al-Thani and Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani on 26 March and will run until 28 March 2016 at the Qatar National Convention Centre.

The international event was attended by HE Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada (pictured), Minister of Energy and Industry and several ambassadors and attracted a cross-section of audiences including over 40 researchers representing 14 countries.

“We at the Centre believe that social responsibility is an essential human and national obligation. It has to be seen as one of the pillars of sustainable economic development. It is paramount that organisations across Qatar make concerted attempts to integrate social responsibility into corporate leadership. This would significantly change the dynamic of how we do business. Today, we are particularly honored to have the presence of HE Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al-Thani and we thank her for her continued support in our efforts to leverage the importance of social responsibility,” said Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani.

A highlight of the event was a presentation of a trophy to HE Shaikha Hind bint Hamad Al-Thani for her tireless support and encouragement to social issues. Sheikha Hind is actively involved in the delivery of high-quality education across Qatar. She has played an important role in launching and supporting various national projects, including steps to provide ethical cultures in corporate affairs. Social responsibility is close to her heart and believes that business organizations have an obligation to the communities they operate in. And all the sponsors were also honored during an award ceremony for their generous support to this conference and the sponsors are: Vodafone Qatar the diamond sponsor,  Al Arab newspaper the media sponsor and Qatar Lawyers Association, Abu Dhabi Environment,Ghayaaldoha and Social Media Solutions.

It was interesting to see the wide spectrum of audiences which ranged from academics, researchers in educational institutions and graduate students, through to training institutions, media and marketing experts, opinion leaders in the community, civil society organizations. A fair representation of charitable organizations and social responsibility officials in the Government and private sectors also participated in the conference.

Ms.Mubarka Hamad Al Marri, Al Faisal Social Responsibility Centre Manager pointed out “Our Vision is to be front runners of communal responsibility in the region, and aspire to be a global model. We already have in place the relevant initiatives, programs and projects of community leadership. These are aimed at developing self-responsibility in community affairs and leadership building.” ”Our values of responsibility, leadership, originality and cooperation are well-aligned to the overall Vision 2030 of our country and this conference acts as the perfect showcase” she added.

“In line with the vision and objectives of the Centre the 3-day conference is spread over 11 absorbing sessions. It covers a wide range of subjects including: Main platforms for Social Responsibility, Social Responsibility in Education, Social responsibility and the private sector, Social responsibility from the legal perspective, Experiences and Practices of Social responsibility in the Energy Sector, The reality of social responsibility, and more,” said Mr. Ali Talal Al Mar’e, Executive Director of the ALF Foundation.

“We expect that the conference will serve as a practical forum to address contemporary issues in social responsibility and encourage collaborations across sectors that will advance the practice of social responsibility,” he added.Central to the essence of conference are the Three Pillars as follows: The first pillar traces the emergence of social responsibility and related concepts, trends and schools of thought embodying the philosophical values and objectives which aim to achieve, and the impact they have on humanities.

The second pillar focuses on the measurement of reality, knowledge of opportunities for communities, the internal and external challenges for social responsibility, moral obligation and the emergence of inter-relationships. The third pillar explores the reality of social responsibility and its role in the knowledge economy, how to avoid obstacles that prevent it from playing that role, and building strategic scenarios to deal with the horizon of social responsibility.

The audience was privileged to witness distinguished speakers like Mr. Martin Niorter, Group President ISO 26000 for Social responsibility; Dr. Jassim Sultan, Chairman Tanmia Center for Studies and Research; Mrs. Mubarak Al Mari, Manager, Al Faisal Social Responsibility Center; Dr. Emad Saad, Chairman, Naya Excellence and Dr. Malika Araour, Higher Education Professor, Mohamed Khodair University Algeria, amongst others. They have been instrumental in throwing light on the subject of social responsibility and its role in the community and country as a whole.

An exhibition featuring companies, centers and individuals active in social responsibility initiatives formed part of the conference.

Inspired by its slogan “Stand up and leave your Mark” Al Faisal Social Responsibility Center aims to build bridges between peoples and cultures of the world.It takes pride in being the first integrated center in Qatar and the region. It is driven by the desire to foster the culture of community service, and of building a better human being who is responsible for themselves and their development. The Center is committed to contribute positively and effectively to the renaissance of its community and Qatar as a whole.