Posted on May 22, 2016

Links Group, the UAE’s leading provider of commercial facilitation and advisory services, this year celebrates its 10th anniversary in Qatar. The company says its success over the last 10 years mirrors the growth story of Qatar and anticipates the next decade will see significantly more growth as the government continues to enhance the country’s business environment.  

Founded in Dubai in 2002, Links Group was the first company of its kind to introduce the corporate partner structure for local partner services, a model which has proved instrumental in helping foreign companies to navigate the ownership requirements of local company laws pertaining to onshore commercial arrangements. Today, Links Group is widely recognised as an important bridge between foreign companies, overseas trade bodies and local government agents, facilitating all matters related to establishing a commercial presence in the region.

Commenting on Links Group’s success in Qatar John Martin St.Valery, Founding Partner of Links Group said: “With its pro-business environment and fast-growing economy, Qatar continues to present attractive opportunities for businesses wanting to stimulate their home markets. As the country’s legislative and business environment becomes more efficient and aligned with international standards, we expect investment flow into the country will gather significant momentum.” According to Links Group, recent government initiatives have already helped to pique investment interest among foreign companies.

Construction firms, in particular, have been encouraged by the Qatari Ministry of Finance’s decision to launch a new website to announce all future government tenders in an effort to improve market transparency in the public procurement process. Additionally, plans to pass a law to in introduce the use of public-private partnerships (PPPs) by the end of 2016 is also believed to be a positive move which will likely attract further foreign investment. “PPPs are seen as a feasible alternative to more traditional procurement models and will allow private investors to take stakes in projects along with the government, bearing part of the risk and sharing profits,” added Mr. Martin St.Valery.

Commenting on the future of Links Group in Qatar Neil Wilson, Country Manager, said: “While the Qatari Government remains committed to supporting and developing local enterprise, it also recognises the importance of bringing in external manpower and expertise to achieve ongoing, sustainable growth. We are experiencing more interest from foreign investors looking to expand to and establish a commercial presence in Qatar. While the oil and gas sector continues to dominate the local economy, the leadership remains committed to its diversification agenda and recognises the need for foreign expertise to support this. Links Group is well placed to support this interest.”