Posted on March 05, 2017

Lulu Hypermarket staff wore T-shirts Qatar cancer Society over ten days to coincide with World Cancer Day which is the fourth of February each year, It is also an opportunity a chance to spread a health culture and support cancer patients, and This year comes under the theme ‘I can .. We can’, ‎

Omar AL-Twaissi - Marketing Coordinator of QCS – praised the efforts of Lulu Hypermarket in supporting Qatar Cancer Society, and thanks them for this initiative, wished the cooperation of all state in Qatar in order to spread awareness of the disease. He added ‘World Cancer Day is a great opportunity to spread a healthy culture especially With the increase in the number of cancer patients, which kills nearly 8.2mn people a year around the world, in addition to The World Cancer Day aims to achieve a set of objectives, the most important is to raise awareness of the disease and spread a healthy lifestyle culture, while also highlighting the cancer-related health services available in Qatar.

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