Posted on March 15, 2013

More than 280 people attended a conference organized by Mada (Qatar Assistive Technology Center) about Dyslexia and the role of Assistive Technology in supporting those who face difficulties in reading and writing.

The one day conference featured presentations from experts within Qatar and throughout the Arabic speaking world to discuss trends and best practices around assessment and treatment of Dyslexia, a condition that millions of people around the world live with.

From Kuwait, Mr. Mohammed Al Qattami, the President of the Kuwaiti Dyslexia Association spoke about the definition of Dyslexia and about the Association’s programs and activities in supporting the community, seeing that the Kuwaiti Dyslexia Association is a regional leader in providing programs and services specifically for Dyslexic peoples.

Dr. Gad Al Beheri, Associate Dean, at the Australian College of Kuwait, and an expert in the area of Dyslexia and the Arabic language spoke about different methods for treatment and intervention and stressed the importance of following scientific principles and modes of understanding to support the needs of people with Dyslexia and learning disabilities in general.

From the Supreme Education Council in Qatar, Mr. Mohammed Anwar highlighted the different policies and practices that are in place within the country to support students with Dyslexia. Mr. Anwar spoke of the significant role that teachers in the classroom play in supporting the needs of Dyslexic children throughout the country.

From Qatar University, Dr. Batoul Khalifa, a professor in Special Education discussed the role that parents are playing in supporting the needs of their children, and the need to involve them in the educational process. From Mada, Deputy CEO Mrs. Maha Al Mansouri emphasized the commitment that Mada has made to working with different groups in the country to develop different ways in which Assistive Technology can support the needs of Dyslexic people in Qatar.

Assistive Technology Specialists Mrs. Sabine Sandros and Mrs. Noor Al Mazroei discussed some of the Assistive Technologies and support services that are available at Mada, including a new software, Claroread, that was developed by Mada in the Arabic language. Mada also announced the continuation of its Masterclass Series as part of its efforts to raise awareness about Assistive Technology and the potential of People with Disabilities throughout Qatar.

For more information, contact Ahmed Habib, Head of Outreach, at +974.7062.0202

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