Posted on January 20, 2015

For Tarek Mansour, Qatarization has come to mean much more than a policy aimed at boosting the number of locals in employment. For him, it’s an approach that has changed his life, allowing him to develop skills and progress through his career with world-class professional support and guidance.

Since joining Maersk Oil Qatar (MOQ) in late 2012, Tarek was identified as an aspiring Qatari leader of the future. He has already held a number of roles in the company, including at Maersk Oil’s global research and technology centre in Qatar, taking responsibility for all IT-related issues, before joining the Information Security Team in the Doha head office. He currently works as an Information Security Officer, taking care of IT security for the organisation.

“Maersk Oil Qatar’s approach to talent development is the same as its approach to developing the Al Shaheen oil field. There is no ‘one size fits all’ model and people, like projects, need a varied approach. Information Security is a constantly evolving field and it’s essential to keep up to date with all the latest innovations. Maersk Oil has helped me build skills in my area of expertise, as well as offer professional advice and coaching on the softer skills needed to become a leader in the future,” Tarek said. 

Maersk Oil Qatar has successfully operated the Al Shaheen field with Qatar Petroleum for over 20 years. Originally considered a marginal and unattractive oilfield by other companies, the company committed itself to the development of the challenging field. Today, Maersk Oil Qatar is the country’s largest offshore oil producer, as the field contributes a third of Qatar’s daily oil production.

Maersk Oil Qatar focuses on real jobs 2 [].jpg“Tarek is just one of many examples where our Qatarization Strategy has helped young Qataris develop their careers and hone leadership skills. The success that Maersk Oil Qatar has had for more than twenty years comes down to the right expertise, experience and close relationships with our partners Qatar Petroleum. Our people – including the Qataris working for us - are our greatest resource, so we remain committed to developing and supporting them in every way possible,” Sheikh Jassim bin Saud Al Thani said.

Maersk Oil Qatar places the growth of local talent at the heart of its Qatarization Strategy, which focuses on developing Qataris into future leaders through its innovative Qatari Development Programme (QDP), as well as the Qatari Leadership Talent Pool (QLTP). Developing the leaders of tomorrow requires investment, time and expertise to ensure employees receive proper training and build the relevant skills required to fulfil their ambitions and inspire their peers. MOQ’s Qatari Development Programme continues to identify and shape the country’s future leaders and forms part of MOQ’s broader commitment to Qatar’s future development and 2030 National Vision.

Tarek said: “I was fortunate as a new graduate to join MOQ and to have my development supported from day one. I have had the opportunity to learn from the best that the industry has to offer and the experience-based learning I’ve received will help me throughout my career. The development and training I’ve received to date, and the varied development programmes MOQ offers to local Qataris, will enable me and my fellow Qataris to help our country in its goal to achieve its 2030 National Vision.”

MOQ is committed to attracting, developing and retaining even more Qatari leaders in the future, and has made great strides in the past five years by doubling the number of Qatari employees. MOQ’s Qatarization strategy has real jobs with real responsibilities at its heart and the company’s Qatari Development Programme is just one of its initiatives that aim to develop Qataris and empower them with the right skills.

Tarek is one of many talented Qataris at Maersk Oil Qatar that serve in different locations and positions of the company, who will be the leaders of the future. To meet more Qatari leaders, please visit