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Posted on December 12, 2013

Maersk Oil Qatar, the principal sponsor of the Al Zubarah Fort, has congratulated the Qatar Museums Authority on the launch of the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage listed site. The sponsorship by Maersk Oil Qatar will enable a Visitors’ Centre at Al Zubarah to present visitors with an overview of the cultural and natural heritage of the archaeological site and the company will contribute to a community outreach programme to raise awareness of the site. 

The Visitors’ Centre will house interactive displays, a bookshop and a presentation that focuses on the history of the Al Zubarah Fort and its importance as a national monument. Sheikh Faisal Al Thani, Maersk Oil Qatar’s Deputy Managing Director, says: ‘We are delighted to be supporting the Qatar Museums Authority at Al Zubarah and to be providing a meaningful contribution to Qatar’s development and knowledge of its history. This is another pleasing example of how Maersk Oil Qatar’s social investment programme, Action for Qatar, is helping the country as a whole.’

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As part of Maersk Oil Qatar’s sponsorship at Al Zubarah, teachers and students will also have access to a comprehensive programme of educational activities, with plans to construct an information pavilion in addition to site visits for students. School activities will range from lectures and presentations to pottery workshops, flint-knapping presentations and the opportunity for young learners to try their hand at ‘mock’ excavations. Maersk Oil Qatar will also support a teacher training programme to assist the creation of tailored schemes featuring the history of Al Zubarah which stress the importance of heritage preservation. A travelling outreach programme will tour schools and engage students with heritage and archaeology-related programmes.