Posted on May 27, 2013

Maersk Oil Qatar is committed to delivering high quality social projects that are aligned with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and which support development within the State of Qatar. The Company has a comprehensive social investment programs which focuses on three key pillars: 'Action for health and safety', 'Action for Education and capability building' and 'Action for Environment and culture'. Maersk Oil's emphasis is on identifying and delivering value adding social projects, typically in partnership with local and international parties.  The recently released 'One Second' national road safety brand and identify for Qatar is one such example.

"We were approached with requests to support two very good road safety projects" explains Sheikh Faisal Bin Fahad Al Thani, Deputy Managing Director Maersk Oil Qatar. "But our concern was that lots of companies are working in the road safety area - so would we really be able to make a difference? One observation we had was that while there were lots of very good and well-meaning initiatives, they weren't necessarily aligned, and therefore the overall impact wasn't as great as it perhaps could - or should be, given the importance of this issue".

With this in mind, Maersk Oil approached the Qatar Ministry of Interior with the proposal of developing a new national road safety brand, under which all road safety campaigns and programmes could reside. The Ministry was supportive of the concept, which was aligned with an identified action point in Qatar's recently released National Road Safety Strategy, and a team of students from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Qatar was soon established to start developing the idea further.

"We could have outsourced the work to an agency" says Sheikh Faisal Bin Fahad Al Thani, Deputy Managing Director Maersk Oil Qatar. "but we felt that as we have a world-class university here in Qatar with world-class designers graduating from it, why not use them! Not only does this provide local students with practical experience, but it gives them an opportunity to showcase their creative excellence".

Maersk Oil sought the engagement of VCU alumni since Education and Capability Building is a key component of the company's CSR programmes, forming one of its strategic pillars. As part of the project Virginia Commonwealth University students conducted research resulting in a brand and a launch campaign that fits the government's goals. It was then presented to the Ministry of Interior who supported the "One Second" concept.

"One Second" is a very innovative approach to road safety. Maersk Oil has handed over the brand to the Ministry of Interior who will own it from now on. Apart from its powerful message

the aim of "One Second" is to inspire many more collaborative, unified efforts among different companies, different sectors, private and public enterprises and all categories of society so that they will adopt Maersk's "One Nation, One Voice" mindset - thereby benefitting the entire nation.