Posted on May 04, 2018

The Arabian horse through the masters’ eyes exhibition, featuring more than 60 canvases from the collection of Sheikh Saud bin Abdul Aziz al-Thani, has opened in Building 19 at Katara. The paintings are by seven international artists: Peter Upton, Mary Haggard, Imad al-Taei, Gil Vanston, Robin Bastico, Deborah Rush and Elias Faizulin. 

Sheikh Saud had expressed his desire to share with visitors his international paintings collection accomplished by the famous artists from different nationalities. He began to collect these artworks since 2007 to express his passion of horse breeding and everything related to it.

Iraqi artist Imad al-Tai, who is participating with four of his paintings, stated that the exhibition documents the important stage in the history of Arabian horses, which has known a series of transfers.  “As many evolved from horses pulling carriages to horses of wars and beauty competitions, it was very necessary to document these transformations artistically and historically. "It is interesting to note that those who documented these transformations were mostly Western and not Arab artists, so I feel lucky to be the only Arab artist in this exhibition, which I consider to be a cultural and national duty above all." 

The exhibition includes a variety of paintings highlighting the Arabian horses. They carried hidden messages in which the visitor read the specificity of important historical stages of the Arab history. The horses were a symbol of courage, bravery, pride, patience and challenge. The exhibition will reveal to visitors the significance of Arab horses in the desert, in time of peace or war, in sedentary or during travel. On the sidelines of this exhibition, which will continue until May 27, the audience will have the opportunity to attend a series of lectures by al-Tai, British artist Peter Upton and the Argentine artist Robin Bastico.

They will discuss various topics related to the interest of artists in drawing Arabian horses and their cultural and artistic symbols. The exhibition was opened by Katara general manager Dr Khaled bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti.

source: Gulf Times