Posted on January 04, 2020

As the curtain comes down on the fourth edition of Mahaseel Festival on Saturday (January 4), the local crops festival continues to receive a large turnout of visitors on a daily basis.

The festival, organised by the Cultural Village Foundation ‘Katara’, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, has emerged as one of the most important forums to promote Qatari products. The Mahaseel market will remain open after the festival until March 31 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This edition of Mahseel also saw opening of an office for the Farmers’ Forum in Building 47. This office is the first of its kind in Qatar and is aimed at bringing owners of farms together to exchange experiences and expertise, as well as hold workshops and seminars to enrich local farming in Qatar. 

Besides, the festival features 34 pavilions, representing many national companies specialising in food production, as well as several local farms and nurseries. In all, 24 farms specialising in the production of vegetables, eggs, honey and dates, 4 companies specialising in dairy, poultry and sheep meat and 6 engaged production of flowers and ornamental plants are participating in the festival evoking tremendous response from the visitors. The 11 carts selling seasonal flowers, roses and ornamental plants are a major attraction at the festival.

The festival also has a dedicated corner for productive Qatari families, which displays a wide variety of agricultural products, household food, traditional cuisine and Qatari sweets. The products displayed at the festival are qualitatively rich and affordable at the same time. The festival has also witnessed visits of many institutions including, the Centre for Elderly Empowerment & Care (Ehsan) and Doha International Center for People with Special Needs. Meanwhile, the visitors have praised the festival for offering fresh and high quality wide ranging food and agricultural products at competitive prices. They said that the festival has emerged as one of the most prominent annual festivals, which plays an important role in the promotion of national products.

The owners of the farms participating in the festival also praised the Katara initiative supports both farmers and shoppers.

source: Qatar Tribune