Posted on January 31, 2019

The Mahaseel Festival, being organised at the Cultural Village Foundation – Katara, will remain open along with the Halal Festival which is set to open at 1pm on Saturday, and will run until February 10, Katara has announced.

The Mahaseel Festival will continue offering fresh agricultural and dairy products from local farms, Katara said in a press statement. As many as 35 local companies are participating in the event. Katara is supporting the Mahaseel Festival to boost the agricultural sector in Qatar and find marketing outlets for the daily produce of local farms, which is beneficial for the consumers also, it added. The festival also features a popular weekly show presenting different cultural and traditional performances from the Qatari heritage. The 8th Katara Halal festival will open doors for visitors in the southern area every morning from 8am to 12pm and evening from 3pm to 10pm. 

source: Qatar Tribune