Posted on August 11, 2014

Residents, businesses and visitors at the wholesale market and Fish Market in Bu Hamour will soon benefit from an extensive programme to overhaul the drainage system in the area. While the area has developed significantly over the years, the infrastructure needed has not and as a consequence, both the wholesale market and Fish Market had continued to suffer from storm water overflows in the wintertime and an inefficient septic tank sewerage system. An additional problem is that waste water from the area has high concentration of salt, making it unsuitable to be discharged into the existing system of public sewers.

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In order to solve these issues and provide better services to the residents and visitors of the area, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has started work on a major infrastructure project to provide for surface water drainage and a new foul-water system. The project also includes the demolition of the existing pumping station and the construction of a new pre-treatment facility and connection to the nearby foul mains network, to enable treatment of the high-salt-concentrated water before discharging it.

The project is part of a wider proposal by the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning for the upgrade and renovation of Fish Market development to improve the services provided to the public visiting the wholesale markets. Along with being a vibrant, commercial Fish Market that plays a pivotal role in promoting local fish production, the market is part of the fabric of daily life in Doha and an important destination for consumers and tourists alike.

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As part of the project, Ashghal will also design, build, test and commission a new storm water drainage system, where water will be collected in a catchment area of 8,000 m2 designed to manage the rainwater drainage for the existing and future developments. Ashghal has made a good progress on the project so far, whereas it recently completed the sewerage and storm water drainage networks in and around the Fish Market area. The works comprise 38% of the total project which will cost QR 18.5 million and is estimated to be completed in Q2 of 2015.

Development of the drainage and sewerage networks in Fish Market in Bu Hamour is one of Ashghal’s Local Roads and Drainage programme projects to develop, improve and enhance infrastructure facilities to meet Qatar’s demands for urban development.

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