Posted on August 16, 2016

Mannai Auto has launched a limited time offer giving all new owners of GMC Acadia or Terrain models the option to resell their vehicles to Mannai Auto at the maximum redeemable value of the car, considering usage and age. The buyback offer is open to all customers and can be redeemed if the customer has to leave the country. It is valid for new vehicle purchases until the end of August 2016.

Mr. Mahmoud Skhiri, General Sales Manager of Mannai Auto Group said: “We expect all our vehicles to perform at the highest level every time a customer gets behind the wheel. GMC customers are looking for premium drive quality coupled with advanced styling and technology. This is the major reason customers choose GMC. Our new summer campaign offering guaranteed buyback to customers, if required, is an extension of this brand philosophy. We are committed to delivering dependability and reliability in everything we do.”

Mannai Auto launches Guaranteed 1 [].jpg

The offer will help people and their families in Qatar buy a brand new vehicle with the assurance that they can return it to Mannai Auto without worrying about finding a new buyer for their vehicles if they are to leave the country.

Mr. Mahmoud Skhiri, adds: “Mannai Auto launched a similar offer in 2015 with a guaranteed buyback option that gave vehicle owners a premium price against market depreciation. That successful campaign continues to be implemented today as a majority of those qualifying owners are using their buyback option to upgrade to the latest models. So we are confident that this campaign, in addition to providing assurance to people who want to invest in a family vehicle, will also build confidence in new owners who will love the performance, styling and convenience of owning a GMC.”

This offer is valid in conjunction with independent financial solutions offered by Banks in Qatar, as per the terms and conditions of each institution.

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GMC and Mannai Auto have historically worked closely with customers to tailor innovative solutions. Similar unconventional offerings include the ‘Service Lane Program’ which was launched a few years ago to increase the level of customer service throughout the scheduled maintenance process and improve the overall ownership experience. This was inclusive of a clear and highly competitive maintenance pricing schedule. The company also previously launched a GMC Mobile Service Van in Qatar to accelerate the maintenance process for minor issues that can be fixed on the road.