Posted on November 04, 2015

Mannai Auto Group has extended its partnership with TriClub Doha to sponsor the third successive season of the “Aspire Triathlon GMC TriSeries Doha”, Qatar's leading triathlon that brings people of all ages and fitness levels together, organized by Aspire Zone Foundation.  

The current TriSeries kicks off with a special open event at Aspire Zone. It is a practice triathlon event called 'TRY-A-TRI' on November 14 2015, which is designed to introduce triathlons to new participants, allowing individuals to complete the course in a non-competitive environment, providing a training opportunity for those who are new to triathlons. This fun race will be customizable. Participants will be able to decide how many laps they would like to swim (50m pool), cycle (5km lap) or run (1.25km.) This will be followed by 3 competitive races in November, February and April. Races will take place at the new Hamad Aquatic Centre pool, with bike and running courses traversing the greater Aspire Zone precinct.

Mannai Auto sponsors Aspire 1 [].jpgDuring the pre-season preparations for the GMC Tri Series, Mr Ivor D'Cunha, General Manager, Operations at Mannai Auto Group said: "GMC is proud to have an active role in promoting sport and we continue to encourage people to find fitness and health in every way possible. The TriSeries is also an active event for our people, with many Mannai Corporation staff invested in its organization as well as participating in the actual races."

In the past two seasons, the organizers have welcomed sold-out fields to many of the biggest stages of each season. The format has become extremely popular and this season even more is on offer for both the competitive and casual triathlon enthusiast. The world-class facilities at Aspire Zone add to the overall quality of the organization of these events, providing a picturesque backdrop to the races which traditionally commence early in the morning of weekend race days.

Mr. Abdullah Al Khater, Events Manager at Aspire Zone Foundation, said: “We are proud to be hosting and organizing the popular Aspire Triathlon GMC TriSeries Doha, and we welcome all participants to Aspire Zone, a destination for local and international sport enthusiasts. Our message has always been centered around staying active and healthy, and we spare no effort in facilitating and helping the local community to achieve this whether through our initiatives or activities.”

Mr Ewan Cameron, Chairman of TriClub Doha added: "The Aspire Triathlon GMC TriSeries is for people of all ages, genders and fitness levels, including those discovering fitness as a new passion as well as people who have been running, swimming and cycling their entire lives. Given this diversity, the TriClub works closely with its members outside the scheduled events to help them train effectively. We are happy to welcome any enthusiastic new members to the club prior to TriSeries events to practice and train with us."

Mannai Auto sponsors Aspire 2 [].JPGTriClub Doha will provide timing chips for each race. Club members will already have access to timing chips and those without memberships will receive timing chips against a deposit and registration fees to cover incidental costs. Those wishing to register should visit Carbon Wheels Bike Shop to collect their chips and register any time within a month of the race date. Advance online registrations are also available. For the latest updates, visit

2015-16 GMC TriSeries Schedule:

TRY A TRI – November 14th – Non-Competitive Event

Race 1 – November 28th 2015

Race 2 – February 20th 2016

Race 3 – April 30th 2016


Sprint 500m swim, 20km bike, 5km run

Super Sprint 250m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run

Junior (13-17) & Beginners 200m swim, 5km bike, 1.25km run

Kids (8-12) 100m swim, 3km bike, 1.25km run