Posted on September 27, 2018

As part of the ‘Big Mac Big Cause’ initiative that began in March 2018, McDonald’s Qatar recently donated 50% of its 1-day sales of the three Big Mac sandwiches, to Qatar Red Crescent. The donation amount of nearly QAR 18,000 will be directed towards supporting children with hearing disabilities.

The Big Mac celebrated its 50th anniversary this year and introduced the three varieties that were a part of the brand’s ‘Core’ menu for the past five decades. The sandwiches were sold at restaurants across six continents. To celebrate the Big Mac and give back to the people, McDonald’s Qatar decided to partner with Qatar Red Crescent earlier this year to support communities across the GCC. Qatar Red Crescent will be utilizing the donation to support and treat children with hearing disabilities through cochlear implants. The cochlear implant is an electronic neural prosthetic device that provides a sense of sound to a person with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. This type of implant replaces normal acoustic hearing process with electric hearing.

Qatar Red Crescent recently received the cheque at a small ceremony held at McDonald’s’ city centre branch. On the occasion, Mithqual Afeef Abu-Nasser, General Manager at McDonald’s Qatar, said, “The Big Mac has been our most valued sandwich for the past fifty years and we are proud to witness its popularity till date. To celebrate this sandwich, we decided to launch the ‘Big Mac Big Cause’ initiative to give back to our communities. We believe our children are our future and with Qatar Red Crescent’s support, McDonald’s Qatar is proud to have made a small yet significant contribution towards their welfare. The Big Mac and McDonald’s are synonymous with bringing people together through delectable food and social causes. Our recent initiative, ‘Big Mac Big Cause’ reflects our values and commitment towards the larger society.”

The ‘Big Mac, Big Cause’ initiative aligns with McDonald’s’ core value of supporting communities. Its global reach and franchise model, drives McDonald’s to make a positive change and address the communities’ needs. With the funds raised from Big Mac sales during the campaign, McDonald’s continues to support, strengthen, and empower communities across the region.