Posted on May 29, 2017

McDonald’s Qatar has succeeded in raising 116,656 Qatari Riyals through its “Donate one Riyal” campaign to assist Qatar Red Crescent in implementing the project of open heart surgeries, which started its operation in Bangladesh. So far 65 children have benefited from it with a success rate of 100%.

A specialist medical team dispatched by Qatar Red Crescent performed these surgeries at the National Cardiac Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh in cooperation with local cadre of doctors, assistants and nurses working at the Center.

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The collaboration between Al Mana Restaurants & Food Company - owner and operator of McDonald’s franchise in Qatar and the Qatar Red Crescent reflects the important community role the group plays in supporting humanitarian initiatives and philanthropy pursued by the State of Qatar. To support this humanitarian initiative, McDonald’s Qatar has set up fundraising boxes in all its branches. The donations collected through these boxes was to  help Qatar Red Crescent pursue  its humanitarian initiative by performing heart surgeries for kids under a program known as “Little Heart” that started in 2004 and has witnessed great results throughout the past years.

On this occasion, Ghada Kamal Marketing Manager at McDonald’s Qatar said, “As an integral part of the local society, we are always keen on supporting all local charitable programs and humanitarian initiatives. It is an honor and privilege to participate in such humanitarian projects specially similar to this one conducted by the Qatar Red Crescent aimed at restoring the smiles on the kids’ faces”. “We were able to raise a decent amount through our donation boxes placed all our branches all over the country. These donations was aimed at supporting this initiative which is in line with the wise direction of the Government of Qatar to alleviate the pain of families and children in dire need of medicine, shelter and food. We are pleased with the achieved results” she added.

The cardiac catheterization project performed by the Qatar Red Crescent delegation is to close the children's heart apertures and varies in form between apertures in the right or left ventricles and arterial apertures.  The surgery time is from 30 minutes to two and a half hours depending on the situation and type of surgery.

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