Posted on May 31, 2018
The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) is launching on June 3 a new initiative to issue building permit for a commercial dry warehouse within three working days, if the design is from among the pre-approved models. The announcement was made by the technical committee for studying international reports about the business environment, according to a statement from the MEC.

Seven models have been prepared by Manateq company for land plots of 1,000 and 2,0000sq m at Berkat Al Awamer, and Abi Al Salil logistic areas for warehouses. The new initiative for commercial dry warehouses which do not require special building materials, tools and equipment, is part of the MEC’s efforts to improve the business environment and encourage investment in the country. 

An analytical study by a sub-committee revealed that issuing such permits is a main incentive for investment and one of 10 standards approved by the World Bank on classifying countries globally with regard to the ease of doing business indicator. Accordingly, co-ordination has been maintained with the entities concerned, including Kahramaa, Civil Defence, the Building Permits Complex- Manteq Company and Ashghal to reduce the number of procedures from 10 to five and reduce the required period for obtaining the building license from 55 days to only three working days. The committee also specified the steps for submitting related applications as follows:

First: Selecting an approved model for the required warehouse from the website of Manateq at and attaching the necessary documents (booking agreement with Manateq, copy of commercial registration, and authorisation from the owner to the consultative office).
Second: The required model shall be reviewed by the Building Permits Complex and revised against the space and measures of the land plot and a file opened.
Third: Uploading the required documents for the permit (authorisations from the owner to the consultative office and building contractor, affidavit from the supervisory consultant, and affidavit of the contractor)
Fourth: The Building Permits Complex would determine the government fees to issue the building permit for a commercial warehouse.
Fifth: Fees are to be paid online through the Building Permits Complex website and then the permit can be printed out.

source: Gulf Times