Posted on February 05, 2014

Memac Ogilvy, one of the Middle East and North Africa’s top marketing communication agencies, succeeded in bringing joy through its Santa Cause initiative to more than 150 Syrian refugee children during a fun event at their school in Beirut. The agency joined hands with Jusoor, a non-governmental organization, to reach out to the Syrian Refugee Education Program.

Santa Cause is an initiative created by Memac Ogilvy in December 2013 aiming to spread the spirit of joy to the most in need. Santa took on the mission to raise funds acting as a miniature piggy-bank gnome. He flew out on a tour across Europe, Middle East and North Africa offices to collect donations, in hopes of offering the Syrian refugees a happier new year. Each office welcomed Santa for 2 days, allowed him to experience the positive vibes of the agency and the city.

“This is a precious moment for us,citing our own employees contributing positively in helping the Syrian refugees and particularly the innocent devastated children” said Edmond Moutran, CEO and Chairman of Memac Ogilvy. “It’s heartwarming to see that our efforts were met with gratitude and smiles. These toys are probably not a basic need but a significant relief for children who have lost their homes, or perhaps even their parents, siblings or relatives” added Moutran. 

Memac Ogilvy bring smiles [].jpg

Excitement, joy and happiness rang out as hundreds of toys found their way into the hands of more than 150 children who are part of the Syrian Refugee Education Program managed by Jusoor. Memac Ogilvy team spent a memorable fun day with the children where they succeeded in drawing smiles on their innocent faces, in hopes of giving back a small piece of their stolen childhood. 

The event was a kick start phase prior to the educational program that will be executed by Jusoor during 2014 in other schools. Memac Ogilvy donations will include school equipment such as desks, stationary, books, sports clothes and meals.

Jusoor, the beneficiary NGO, is represented by Hani Jesri in Lebanon - a former Memac Ogilvy employee, who had left his job a year ago to join the organization and dedicate his time to helping the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.  "These children don't have much. They had fled their homes and forcedly left their treasured belongings and toys behind” said Hani Jesri. “The children were so happy to hear that people cared enough about them to give them these gifts and spend joyful time with”, said Hani Jesri, “Big thanks goes to every member at Memac Ogilvy for their support in helping us to make a difference in the lives of these children and instilling hope in their tiny hearts” added Jesri.

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