Posted on July 22, 2018

Strong wind has been lashing in and around Qatar from Saturday and is expected to last till Tuesday, July 24. According to Qatar Meteorology Department weather report the northwesterly fresh to strong wind is at its peak during daytime and weakens at night.

Due to the strong wind blowing dust is expected causing visibility to drop below 2km at times especially on Sunday and Monday over most areas of the country. In addition, rough sea conditions are expected with wave height forecast ranging between 9 to 12 feet. High temperatures will continue with maximum around mid-thirties at night and morning even hotter. Maximum expected temperature in Doha in the morinng is 42 ° C. A mass of dust is likely to form in northern Arabian Gulf as well, which may affect the country during the same period. Therefore, QMD has urged all to be careful, avoid marine activities as well as to follow latest updates through their official social media accounts.

source: The Peninsula