Posted on July 26, 2018

Qatar supports scientific innovation and provides the incubating environment for technological innovations, said Minister of Culture and Sports Salah bin Ghanem al Ali (pictured). The minister noted that Qatar has been steadily and successfully achieving Qatar National Vision 2030, which has been reflected in many national achievements in different international forums, especially in the field of technological innovations. 

Speaking to the media on Monday after opening a workshop for car mechanics at Qatar Scientific Club, the minister hailed the efforts of the club in supporting innovators, especially the young ones. The club's summer programmes featured a STEM camp to develop the education of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with the participation of nearly 2,000 enthusiastic students, which shows the success of the state vision in directing society members towards science and technology and building human capacity to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030. 

Ali also praised the efforts of Qatar Scientific Club and the creative young people who launched a workshop for the cars and motorcycles mechanics as they seek to provide sponsors for their programmes and activities. "I hope that all young Qataris and residents will benefit from the programme as it offers an internationally certified training programme in car mechanics for a year so that trainees would receive an accredited certificate in car mechanics, the minister said, stressing that the workshop is a new addition to automotive enthusiasts in Qatar.

On his part, Hareb al Jabri, executive director of Qatar Scientific Club, said the mechanics workshop is one of the new strategic projects of the club after Fab Lab Qatar, pointing out that the management of the club aims to accomplish several strategic projects before the end of the year. He noted that the workshop is the first one to welcome all members of the community and is aimed at beginners, amateurs and professionals, and has all the tools that meet the needs of young people from different levels and stages, from cranes to cars and car simulators, in addition to places of education and training and all devices used in car mechanics. The workshop also covers electric, manual and pneumatic equipment are available free of charge for club members, besides the availability of a meeting room, library and entertainment venues.

Jabri added that the workshop has an internationally accredited mechanical training programme, adding that the that the course receive an internationally recognised professional certificate in the field of automotive mechanics. He said that a group of Qatari youth members of the club's mechanic department designed, supervised and selected the appropriate equipment so that club members can practise this hobby in an organised way away from the risks. The opening ceremony featured a documentary film on the stages of preparing the workshop, as well as review of the achievements of the club initiatives.