Posted on December 12, 2015

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has achieved outstanding accomplishments with a view to implementing its vision of excellence in managing a vibrant market of labour as well as a solid and productive society. It also aimed to realize its mission for supporting and building the labour market effectively by using a productive national workforce, skilled labour from abroad, delivering high quality services and excellence in the field of a comprehensive social welfare for all community categories.

Most prominent of the accomplishments achieved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs were the opening of work opportunities for Qatar nationals to increase their participation in the labour market in the private sector which is the prime target of the labour sector in the ministry. To this effect, the Ministry appointed 1189 job seekers in the private sector, completed 65 percent of a study analyzing the current and future situation of the labour market regarding the employment of Qatari nationals in the private sector and achieved 28 percent of the programme of creating a work environment for persons with disabilities.

The Ministry also achieved 30 percent of the second phase of the E-employment for job seekers and agreed with 19 parties in the private sector concerned with Qatarization to dispatch Qatari nationals to complete their studies. 270 Qatari job seekers were seconded while 15 others got qualified in cooperation with the College of the North Atlantic Qatar. 

With regard to the development of guidance and orientation systems for the labour market requirements, the Ministry carried out 8 guidance campaigns for boys and girls at schools for the benefit of 640 students, in addition to a guidance and orientation campaign at secondary schools since the beginning of scholastic year 20015-2016. It also conducted comparative studies with the experiences of some countries in the field of orientation and guidance (Australia - New Zealand - Malaysia - Sweden).

One of the most prominent roles played by the Inspection Department at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is the control of the labour market. In this context it fully applied the wages protection system for private labourers covered by the labour law as of 2 November 2015, and the training of 30 employees for its implementation. The number of companies participating in the system totaled 13500 and hire 634000 labourers. The Department, which promotes the labour inspection system and also inspects the occupation health and safety, made 26522 inspection visits of 20431 establishments while the occupation health and safety inspectors made 15160 visits for 3759 establishments. 

Meeting the needs of the labour market of skilled expatriate labour and the promotion of the rights of labours and business owners is one of the objectives of the labour section at the ministry. In this context the ministry prepared a programme for the diversification of labour recruitment sources to ensure the skillfulness of workers as skilled labour totaled 25 percent of the overall approved labour force with the number of countries from which labourers are recruited during the first half of this year totaled 134. 

The Department also studied and identified the future market needs of expatriate labour between the years 2015 and 2020 in accordance with the data of the previous years. It also provided necessary data to the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning and spread awareness among business owners about the use of technology to reduce the recruitment of expatriate labour.