Posted on July 11, 2014

The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning has announced that it has closed down 221 food outlets in the last seven months in the Industrial Area.

The outlets were found violating food and health norms during inspection drive which was launched in December 2013 by the officials of Doha Municipality. Of these erring outlets 14 kiosks were closed during Ramadan. Most of the violations were about running outlets without contracts or commercial licenses and selling substandard food items. 

The municipality has intensified inspection drive during Ramadan to ensure compliance of the food and health safety norms. Most of the eateries, dry-fruit stores and commercial centres were found complying with the food and health safety norms. 

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Other violations found in the inspection drive were leakage in wash basin, improper storage, unhygienic food preparation platforms and uncovered food items. The municipality has already taken legal actions against eateries not following rules. 

Official said that fish market and the auction ground is also under supervision and fishermen have now been instructed to keep fishes in hygienic conditions. According Qatar News Agency report, about 78 cafeterias have been issued new licenses. 

source: The Peninsula