Posted on August 09, 2019

AS the Eid Al-Adha celebrations are around the corner, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has intensified its cleanliness campaign. It has also prepared mosques and prayers grounds to receive worshippers across the country. Meanwhile, the municipalities are conducting inspection raids regularly on food facilities to ensure their adherence to the food safety regulations. 

Doha Municipality intensifies food inspection

DOHA Municipality, represented by the Health Control Department, continues its intensive inspection campaign on food establishments in SouqWaqif and the Old Airport areas in preparation for Eid Al Adha to ensure safety of food and compliance of the outlets with the necessary health requirements. The municipality is especially focusing on popular restaurants and meat shops due to increase in its demand during EidAlAdha. The municipality has said it would take legal measures against violators.

Umm Salal Municipality cleans Eid prayer grounds 

UMM Salal Municipality has cleaned and prepared all the mosques and prayer grounds within its jurisdiction to receive worship person Eid Al Adha. Meanwhile, the municipality removed 100 tonnes of random waste and 500 tonnes of damaged tires from the western region. 

Al Daayen Municipality inspects food outlets

Al Daayen Municipality’s Health Control Department has continued inspection of restaurants and other food facilities in the area for the second week in preparation for Eid Al Adha to ensure adherence by the outlets to the necessary health requirements. 
50kg of rotten fish destroyed at Al Wakra.

The Health Control Department at Al Wakra Municipality destroyed rotten fish weighing 50 kilograms at the fish market of the municipality during the daily auction.

source: Qatar Tribune