Posted on August 09, 2019

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment called on citizens and residents to cooperate with the Ministry to keep the recreational areas, facilities, squares, public squares, and beaches clean during their picnics and to not distort them by throwing personal waste, aluminum cans and plastic.

The Ministry also called on the public to help in the success of cleanliness programmes by using the containers allocated for waste and the removal of waste in the specified times, stressing the readiness of the Department of Public cleanliness fully to provide all the required services through the hotline or the site of the ministry or social networking sites.

Director of General, Cleanliness Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment Muqbil Madhour Al Shammari said that the preparations for Eid al Adha have been completed, and added that the necessary plans and programs have been developed, especially in terms of providing 24-hour field monitoring teams, including those for cleaning operations for the streets, entertainment venues and Eid prayers in the states. Regarding the daily programs of public cleanliness services, Al Shammari stressed that they continue according to the daily program , pointing out that the administration takes into account religious aspects and the rights of worship for the cleaning workers and drivers, as they stop working during Eid prayers an resume work after the prayer.

source: The Peninsula