Posted on August 15, 2014
The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has launched a new vehicle equipped with innovative advanced systems for the use of intelligent inspection at Hamad International Airport. The vehicle is initiated by the Airport Security Department and Airport Passport Department in collaboration with Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya).
The systems in the vehicle can check and identify contraband weapons, drugs and explosives, which would help to enhance the efficiency of security operations without affecting the capacity of the movement of arrivals and departures in the airport. The launching ceremony was attended by Brig Essa Arrar al Rumaihi, Director of Airport Security Department; Lt Col Muhammad Rashid al Mazroui, Director of the Airport Passports Department; Capt Engineer Ali Hasan al Rashid, Head of the Technical Security Section of Lekhwiya; along with department officials and security officers from Oman.
Brig Essa Arrar al Romaihi said that it is a mobile vehicle that could move inside and outside the airport which covers an area of 30-km, carrying a set of advanced electronic systems. It is aimed at screening travellers and travel documents, boarding pass and goods carried by travellers with them as well as checking fingerprint, which can prove whether traveller is on time or late to avoid suspicion, whether any document is true or fake or that the traveller is standing in any prohibited area. He added that the vehicle is a first of its kind in the GCC.

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Lt Col Muhammad Rashid al Mazroui said that the car can detect all bags, whether small or large, including narcotic substances or explosive materials, in very small quantities and even within the body of travellers, through X-ray, which gives the signal in different colours depending on the size of the prohibited substances. Mazroui said that this device can penetrate into objects and give high quality images, where the image can be sent to the control room of the airport security within seconds. He added,"This vehicle was launched as a trial and more vehicles will be launched soon."
Capt Engineer Ali Hasan al Rashid told that smart cameras in the vehicle can capture 360 degree panoramic photographs, as they can check anyone carrying suspected prohibited items. Rashid added that this vehicle is a co-production of the MoI and Lekhwiya, manufactured by Qatari cadres as the ministry had got a patent on this car, registered as an intellectual property of the MoI and Lekhwiya.