Posted on August 01, 2018

The Ministry of Interior’s Establishments and Authorities Security Department recently held a meeting with sports associations and clubs in the country to discuss the safety requirements for the sports season 2018-19, to ensure the success of sports tournaments in an atmosphere of comfort and safety.

The department’s Assistant Head, Brigadier General Jassim Al Hail, said the meeting is not the first of its kind and was preceded by many other coordination meetings to discuss all organisational, safety and training aspects, and based on the future vision to promote cooperation with Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) and Qatar Stars League (QSL). He added that the meeting sought to discuss all the aspects related to security and organisation of sports tournaments, to reach a comprehensive system that ensures organising safe sports tournaments and prevent any risks that may pose a danger to the security of fans and players.

Al Hail highlighted the importance of good security and organisation preparations for sports events in terms of equipping fields with tools and equipment for the departments to handle their security role. He also highlighted the importance of having a control room within each stadium to make binding decisions in a timely manner and communicate with those in charge within the stadium. He said that it is important to have a system that introduces the audience and players to the procedures that need to be taken while entering, exiting and watching events. He also said it is important to work together to build a vision for securing major sports events and providing safety for all.

Head of the Stadium Security Department, Captain Mubarak Bilal Al Ali, said the aim of the meeting is to set the cooperation mechanisms between the ministry and the related entities in sports. He added that the cooperation is not limited to football but also covers all sports since it is part of the same system. He said this meeting and the upcoming ones are not only limited to discussions on the security requirements of the 2018-19 sports season, but also aim to touch on the security strategy in the long term.

source: The Peninsula