Posted on December 22, 2017

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) celebrated the graduation of a new batch of participants in the leaders and talents programme, which aims to develop the capacities of the ministry’s department and division directors and enhance their leadership skills.

Thirty employees were honoured for passing the programme, which divided them into three groups - department directors, division directors and talented employees from medical and administrative jobs at the ministry. The programme was held in cooperation with Mega Training Centre and the graduates received accredited certificates from Cambridge International College. Program Director Issa Abdullah al Suwaidi said the programme aims to develop the capacities of department directors and talented employees, noting that the latter are staff who have leadership traits.

The programme seeks to improve the performance of the ministry’s organisational structure by providing highquality training for department and division directors and preparing a second generation of leaders. It also helps in polishing the skills and enhancing the managerial and professional capacities of the associates at the Ministry of Public Health, especially as it combines theoretical and practical education in order to enhance leadership and managerial skills.

source: Qatar Tribune