Posted on February 28, 2020

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) announced on Thursday the intensification of precautionary and preventive measures for early monitoring of any suspected cases of coronavirus (COVID-19), with follow-up of disease developments at the global and regional levels according to the prevalence of infection and with the emergence of a number of confirmed cases in neighbouring countries.

The Ministry said in a statement that the procedures for examining incoming travellers from different countries are strengthened, with all travellers arriving through the airport from the countries where the disease is spread are sent to the airport clinic to assess their health status, as well as strengthening of epidemiological surveillance activities and the isolation of suspected cases at the Communicable Disease Centre at Hamad Medical Corporation. This includes 14 days of continuous health monitoring for people who have come from countries with a high prevalence of infection to ensure that they are free of the disease and to intensify health awareness activities.

The Ministry of Public Health stressed the importance of following prevention measures, including maintaining general hygiene, washing hands with soap and water continuously, in the event that they are not available, sterile antiseptics can be used, especially after sneezing and coughing, avoiding touching the eyes and nose if the hands are not clean and avoiding direct communication with people who have respiratory symptoms. This includes constant cleaning of surfaces and following the etiquette of covering the nose and mouth, as well as reducing some social habits that may contribute to spreading infection among members of society, such as greeting by kissing the nose and handshaking, the Ministry added.

The Ministry pointed out that despite the absence of any confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Qatar so far, the recommended health behaviours would enhance the prevention of the spread of colds and respiratory infections and help reduce the chances of its spread among members of society. The Ministry of Public Health launched an electronic page on its website dedicated to providing reliable information and data regarding the coronavirus to the population of Qatar in Arabic, English, Hindi, Malayalam, Chinese and French, to ensure that information can be easily reached to the largest possible number of audience.