Posted on May 27, 2016

Qatar Fuel (Woqod) yesterday announced plans to deploy more mobile fuel stations across the country, 20 of which will be in place very soon. The decision is aimed at reducing the serpentine queues at the existing petrol stations.

“We are expanding the mobile petrol stations more aggressively. We have just finalised the contract with the authorities concerned to put in place the mobile fuel tanks with dispenser,” Woqod CEO, Ibrahim Jaham Al Kuwari said on the sidelines of the company’s Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting. “Currently there are about six mobile fuel stations operating in different strategic locations across the country. Very soon we are going to put 20 more such facilities,” he added.

He said that given the situation at petrol stations, the company has placed orders for 30 more similar mobile petrol tanks. They are expected to be delivered in three months and will be on standby, so that they can be used in future as per requirement. Al Kuwari also said that the ongoing work on increasing the length of fuel hoses at all Woqod petrol stations in the country will be completed by June 6. With completion of the work, all Woqod fuel stations will be fully equipped with hoses long enough to refuel cars at any side of the dispensers.

“In most cases, the opening of the fuel tank is on the left hand side of the car. So you find long queues at one side, while the other side remains empty. Now we will have hoses that will reach both sides regardless of where the opening of fuel tanks is placed,” he said. With the new system the time taken in refueling cars at Woqod petrol stations is expected to reduce significantly. Woqod CEO, Ibrahim Jaham Al Kuwari, said that once operational, the longer fuel hoses will be instrumental in reducing the waiting time and overcrowding at the fuel stations. But at the same time, motorists who have the privilege of having cars with fuel tanks on their right side will have to wait in queue like other motorists.

The company, at its Second Extraordinary General Assembly meeting yesterday also got approval to add more activities at the Woqod premises, such as introducing more items at its Sidra stores and placing commercial advertisements to generate additional revenues. “Some more products, which are currently restricted, being a fuel station, will be introduced at Sidra outlets, which are available at any other supermarkets in the country. “Under the new amendment, Woqod will also have the right to put up advertisement within its premises,” Al Kuwari added.

source: The Peninsula