Posted on November 21, 2017

Over 1000 cyclists will hit the road on Friday as part of the 2017 Ride of Champions organised by Qatar Cyclists Centre. The organisers have requested the motorists to drive carefully. The cyclists will take the roads from Qatar Foundation via Dukhan highway to Shahaniya, Otouriyah and Jumailiyah. 

During the event, from 6:30am to 11:30am, caution signs will be put up at intersections to warn motorists as they approach the route. Apart from the signs, five police cars and 10 motor bikes of traffic marshalls will be overseeing the event. The official flagship community event of Qatar Cyclist and Qatar Cycling Federation, Ride of Champions is Qatar’s largest mass participation event with over 1,000 participants from more than 50 countries. The event aims to include the entire cycling community of the country, by offering various route distances for young and old, families as well as novices to experienced cyclists. 


The organisers have issued following tips to motorists and cyclists: 
For motorists, while driving around cyclists

  • Drive slow and with enough free space when overtaking cyclists
  • Be careful of marshals and police officers on route 
  • Allow cyclist to pass in front before turning onto road
  • If passing cyclist, allow more than 1.5M gap between you and cyclist
  • Don’t take any unnecessary risks

Motorists urged to drive carefully 2 [].jpg

For cyclists, while riding around motorists

  • Waive thank you to courteous drivers
  • Don’t accelerate to prevent cars turning or changing lanes
  • Be mindful of traffic and don’t take unnecessary risks
  • Ride two by two in columns
  • Stay in the inside lane to allow space to pass

source: The Peninsula