Posted on January 30, 2017

Extension of the Memorandum of Understanding between Qatar University (QU) and Qatar Corporate Social Responsibility network (CSR) for three years until 2020 was announced recently.

The extension of the MOU came in continuance of the successful cooperation, especially to inspire university students concerning the concept of social responsibility through numerous initiatives that took place during the past three years under the supervision of QU CSR Committee Head Dr. Bader Abdullh Al-Esmael, such as the National CSR report, the academic studies and researches, specialized lectures and workshops, and the CSR exhibition.

Chairman of Qatar CSR network Sheikh Khaled bin Faleh bin Saud Al-Thani said: "Our partnership with Qatar University is a pride and an honor. We are keen to provide continuous support for the fruitful CSR march filled with achievements in Qatar University. The success of the partnership gives us a greater responsibility to promote that success. We will always be ready to meet the requirements of this partnership, which was culminated last year in funding a research study conducted by the CSR Committee at Qatar University with the participation of the university students to develop their abilities and sharpen their talents in the fields of research and surveys."

He also said "The CSR research’s recommendations are a source of pride as it proved Qatar as one of the leaders in the region in the field of social responsibility and supported Qatar National Vision 2030, and revealed the CSR initiatives of the Qatari companies as an important part to increase competitiveness, and a successful tool to stimulate awareness of brand and help build positive relations between their employees and the surrounding community. The research outputs also revealed that the Qatari companies are aligned well with the needs of CSR towards the government and interact positively with it”.

Qatar CSR network publishes the National CSR report since 2012; and QU hosts the launching ceremony annually with high level presence. Contribute in the report ministers, ambassadors and leading figures; and it promotes QU students’ capabilities as a result of their participation in its preparation. The National CSR Report is sponsored by major institutions, and distributed locally with newspapers to the various institutions. It also honors CSR leading organizations with wide media coverage.