Posted on July 05, 2014

Msheireb Properties, a subsidiary of Qatar Foundation, in association with Eid Charity will host an Iftar tent to celebrate and capture the ethos of the holy month of Ramadan at the “Msheireb Downtown Doha” project.

The tent will host fasting individuals from all sectors of the society and will provide complimentary meals to over 9,000 people in total including onsite construction workers and residents of the neighborhood in a thoughtful, orderly and secure manner.

Both the organisations are committed to giving back to the community within which it operates and have united their efforts to support the less privileged members of the community in an environment that reflects the spirit of the auspicious month and celebrates companionship and solidarity.

Msheireb Properties and Eid Charity 2 [].jpgThe Iftar tent is an extension of Msheireb Properties outreach program that supports a wide range of social and humanitarian initiatives in Qatar and reflects their commitment to be part of socio-cultural initiatives that bring people together.

Msheireb Properties is committed to human rights issues and for the protection and advancement of the country’s migrant workers. The organisation supports key CSR initiatives that focus on the development and overall well-being of the labour community including the ‘Box Appeal’ campaign, a community donation drive for the aid of construction workers, IT training workshop for skills development and ‘Safety in the Workplace’ programme that promotes a culture of safety and raises awareness of issues related to occupational safety and health.