Posted on November 15, 2018

Msheireb Properties, a leading sustainable property development company and a subsidiary of Qatar Foundation for Education, Sciences and Society Development, welcomed a huge number of visitors to its dedicated booth at the 2018 Smart City Expo World Congress, hosted in Barcelona 13-15 November.

Msheireb Properties’ senior managers at the Expo received visitors and representatives from numerous private international companies and governmental organisations in their centrally located booth, where they are presenting Msheireb Downtown Doha (MDD) as one of the smartest city districts in the world. The Msheireb Properties booth, in addition to displaying a full-scale model of the entire city district, includes three interactive areas that provide examples of what makes MDD a smart city including smart home applications, MDD’s smart city portal, and the command and control centre which oversees the entire district.

Msheireb Properties is the Global 2 [].jpg

Ali Al Kuwari, Acting CEO of Msheireb Properties said: “We are proud to present our flagship development project, one of the first smart and sustainable city districts build in the world, to a global audience. Since the opening of the Expo, we have received tremendous interest from people who are keen to know more about our city district and how we have made a smart city livable.  We are extremely proud to reflect the image of Qatar as a nation adopting smart city concepts and building them into an interconnected and integrated urban environment on a world-class scale.”

“The visitors to our stand, who represent different sectors of businesses and governments, were overwhelmed by the facilities we presented, and were interested to learn that the world’s second smartest city district has not only been built, but that it is located in Qatar. We are looking to translate this attention into real interest on the ground”. Within Msheireb Properties’ booth, visitors can explore the "Smart Home Systems" and the “Lifestyle and Community Portal”, allowing users to monitor all the smart systems that are integrated in their residences, retail businesses, or corporate offices. The booth also includes a replica visualisation of MDD’s Facility Management and Operations "Command & Control Centre" which shows real-time surveillance of the downtown.

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As the official global sponsor of the event, Msheireb Properties is also enhancing its international presence, highlighting its commitment to developing smart, sustainable cities of the future. Msheireb Downtown Doha is the first downtown regeneration project embedding smart city technology and connectivity. From design and planning, to the delivery of infrastructure and transportation, through to improving an overall lifestyle, the city is smart to its core. MDD offers residents and companies many impressive benefits, including a convenient transportation system featuring Doha's largest metro station, as well as more than 10,000 underground car parks with a smart system for easy access and navigation.

Barcelona’s Smart City Expo World Congress is an international platform for companies and entities related to smart-city projects and development to display their latest projects, capabilities and technology solutions. The exhibition is accompanied by a conference at which a number of Msheireb Properties Management representatives will present MDD as a case study, along with their insights on smart cities. Barcelona Smart City Expo brings together multinational companies specialized in technology and real estate and is attended by top managers and executives.