Posted on April 15, 2015

After the circulation of a video on social media platforms about Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Q.S.C) allegedly selling rotten meat, the company confirms the safety of its foods after the necessary inspections were conducted by the municipality, approving meat safety in all their branches.

In fact, Al Meera welcomes any constructive criticism by consumers that doesn’t impact the company's image or reputation, stressing on its extensive effort to maintain the quality of sold goods in all of its branches after receiving them from their suppliers. Al Meera’s administrators and management team are dedicated to answering all sorts of complaints at all times and taking action when needed.

The company also reports that after the municipality conducted the necessary food safety inspections in all Al Meera’s branches, it ensured to communicate this message with the customer who circulated the aforementioned video, to show him that a change in meat color doesn’t mean it is rotten. Specialists from the supplying company also gave him a detailed explanation about the latest technologies they use for storing meat and ensuring its quality and freshness by extracting all the air from the packaging and inserting oxygen then carbon dioxide.  Moreover, when meat is stacked together, this results in a temporary change of color, which changes back to normal after opening and refrigeration.

The municipality confirms meat 2 [].jpgCommenting on this incident Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Qahtani, Al Meera Deputy Chief Executive Officer said: “Al Meera Consumer Goods Company prioritizes the safety of its customers and is committed to have a designated staff engaged in supervising and monitoring food safety in compliance with the required regulations. Our senior management is keen on conducting training programs to raise health awareness and provide the best services to its customers with different backgrounds and lifestyles.”

AL Qahtani stressed on the company's commitment to fulfilling all the needed requirements to insure the food safety of all its offered products, and that it is working at its fullest potential to achieve the best practices in food safety while dealing with all the challenges that are faced during storage. “Food safety has always been a priority in all that we offer, to insure the wellbeing of our consumers and adhering to our commitment in offering the best quality and freshest items.”

The person responsible for circulating the video offered his apologies to the company and expressed his regrets for his allegations that Al Meera is selling rotten meat. He said: "I should have gone to the responsible authorities before publicizing this video, especially since the municipality and SCH are keen on ensuring food safety in all retail outlets in Qatar."

“Because of my lack of experience and knowledge on this subject, I did not take the necessary measurements or follow the standard legal procedure before going public with this video. I should have raised this issue to the responsible authorities, whether it’s the municipality or the ministry of economy that represents consumer protection. Please note that I also do not have sufficient knowledge about meat, and didn’t know that its discoloration is not a result of corruption as I was later informed.”

“Again, I offer my deepest apologies for any damage or inconveniences I have caused to the company,” he concluded.