Posted on May 28, 2013

Qatar Chemical and Petrochemical Marketing and Distribution Company (Muntajat) and Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO), considered one of the leading petrochemical powerhouses in the Middle East, celebrate their successful joint participation in ‘ChinaPlas 2013’, Asia’s famous number one Plastics and Rubber trade fair.

ChinaPlas, held for the past 30 years in China, is one of the largest and most influential annual international trade exhibitions for plastics and rubber processing industries, gathering over 3,000 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors during 4 days.

This year, QAPCO participated in ChinaPlas 2013 side by side with Qatar Chemical and Petrochemical Marketing and Distribution Company (Muntajat), the company established to consolidate the marketing and distribution efforts of the State of Qatar’s annual production of 10 million tons of chemicals and petrochemicals.

Muntajat has been mandated to market, sell and distribute Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and other petrochemicals produced by QAPCO. The onboarding of QAPCO products is planned to be complete in a few months. QAPCO produces LDPE, which is one of the most commonly used type of plastics, with applications that are part of our daily lives, such as plastic films, food packaging, greenhouses, wires, cables and toys just to mention a few.

Dr. Mohammed Al Mulla, Vice Chairman & CEO of QAPCO, commented by saying: “ChinaPlas is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the high quality of ‘Made In Qatar’ products. Via our participation, we aim to demonstrate the competitive edge of Qatari products.”

Dr. Al Mulla continued by saying: “ChinaPlas is a highly strategic platform for Qatari products as major suppliers and users can meet, interact and exchange on the latest technologies and trends, especially looking at environmentally friendly and sustainable techniques and innovations related to plastic and its applications, to contribute to building a greener and safer world for the generations to come.”

Dr. Al Mulla also said: “Many suppliers and visitors showed a lot of interest in our products, which demonstrates the promising future of plastics produced in Qatar. It is tribute to the progress and excellence achieved by QAPCO those past 40 years.”

Commenting on Muntajat’s participation at ChinaPlas exhibition, Abdulrahman Ali Al-Abdulla, CEO of Muntajat, stated: "After the successful transitions of the marketing and distribution activities of the chemicals and fertilisers produced in the State of Qatar over the past four months, Muntajat is committed to implement a seamless transition of Qatar’s export portfolio of polymers. In fact, Muntajat’s participation at the world renowned ChinaPlas exhibition is another achieved milestone in the company’s Strategic Transitions Plan which so far has resulted in the flawless onboarding of nearly 80% of Qatar’s export portfolio of chemicals and petrochemicals.”

Mr. Al-Abdulla added: “It was a pleasure to join forces with QAPCO in this important exhibition for the plastics industry. China is a key market for Muntajat as it continues to grow requiring a reliable supply of chemical and petrochemical products. By having a joint presence between QAPCO as a Qatari producing entity and Muntajat as the State’s marketing and distribution company we reinforced confidence among our customers in the Chinese market and beyond. This culminated in a customer event during which we reassured customers that we are working together at all levels to ensure seamless transitions.”

Mr. Al-Abdulla also said: “As the world’s population selects more packaged goods the demand for polymers, including the LDPE and LLDPE produced by QAPCO and Qatofin, will rise in the coming years. Muntajat will be prepared to serve these growing needs through our planned network of offices spread all around the world.”

Mr. Al-Abdulla concluded his comments by saying: “By supplying the world with Qatar’s production of chemicals and petrochemicals in the most responsible, reliable and efficient manner, Muntajat is committed to provide its customers with quality services before and after sales.”

Plastics and rubber are important raw materials with numerous applications in a number of high growth industries worldwide, such as packaging, automotive, construction, appliances, furniture, electronics or aeronautics just to name a few. This year’s exhibition was held under the theme "The Future is in Plastics and Rubber" focusing on the innovative applications of plastic materials such as environmentally friendly plastic building materials.

Dr. Al Mulla concluded by saying “ChinaPlas raises awareness amongst the public about the many developments related to eco-friendly plastics and their numerous practicalities and features, that contribute for instance to making cars or planes lighter, hence reducing energy consumption. Let’s not forget that if plastic was replaced by traditional materials in packaging, world energy consumption would double.”