Posted on December 15, 2018

Mwani Qatar took part as the title sponsor in the Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2018 ceremony, which was held in London on Tuesday and attended by more than 400 experts and representatives of the global shipping industry.  

The company recorded a strong presence at the event, and was ranked among the top five international port operators, along with China’s Mercantile Holdings, Yilport Holding and PortSynergy — EuroFos. Mwani Qatar has also been listed among the top 8 international companies in the field of innovation for Hamad Port Project, the region’s largest smart and environment-friendly project. The Lloyd’s List Global Awards organises annually to showcase and reward the best talent and achievements in shipping. The awards are a vibrant celebration of the key players in global shipping and are recognised worldwide as a significant mark of success.

The Lloyd’s List Global Awards classification is based on Hamad Port’s high levels of efficiency and the overall performance achieved in a record period, in addition to its important role in promoting innovative and environment-friendly technology in ports sector by adopting initiatives that contribute to enabling and delivering sustainable smart infrastructure solutions. The classification underlines Hamad Port’s efforts to achieve QNV 2030 in accordance with the Ministry of Transport and Communications’ strategic plan, which is implemented by Mwani Qatar, aiming at transforming Qatar into a regional trade and logistics hub. It also reflects the advanced status achieved by the port within two years of the start of full operations.

Hamad Port recently celebrated the handling of over two million TEU (containers) and five million tonnes of cargo, in record time with operations at the port since its launch in less than two years. The port’s high capabilities and innovative technology, especially in the fields of clearance and inspection, have played a major role in facilitating operations and increasing port productivity. This has contributed to the acceleration of handling operations, thereby raising the port’s competitiveness in terms of the time consumed in stevedoring services.

In terms of shipping lines, Hamad Port was able to build global network shipping in a short period thanks to the strong confidence it gained in the world’s shipping and logistics community. The port is now connecting more than 40 ports in three continents with over 24 shipping services and there are plans to expand the shipping network to include all continents of the world.

source: The Peninsula