Posted on June 15, 2018

Assistant Secretary General, Tournament Affairs, at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) Nasser Al Khater, said that there is a line of negotiation between the State of Qatar and FIFA to implement the best option for the number of 2022 World Cup teams to be held in Doha.

Al Khater said in a press statement today that the decision to increase the World Cup teams to 48 teams was presented at the 68th General Assembly of the International Federation of Football Association, but this will be determined through the negotiation of Qatar and FIFA to implement the best option to ensure the success of the World Cup in Doha. He noted that the State of Qatar continues to prepare for the 2022 World Cup in a distinctive way at all levels, pointing out that the number of volunteers expected to participate in the World Cup is between 14-16 thousand volunteers, but this number may be reduced with the increase of performance and capacity through the dissemination of awareness of volunteering.

Al Khater added that the door to voluntary work in the World Cup is not limited to Qataris, especially that the World Cup is for the Gulf region and the Arab in general, and hoped for the presence of volunteers from various countries of the region, after the completion of the registration mechanism of volunteers, which can be announced in a year and a half through a large promotional campaign. Al Khater said that the aim of the participation of SC and other institutions in the State of Qatar in the monitoring program during the World Cup 2018 Russia is to learn from the experiences of host countries and transfer the knowledge, experiences and lessons learned to give Qatari youth new experiences before hosting the World Cup after four years.

On the other hand, the Assistant Secretary General, Tournament Affairs, expressed his happiness with the Committee's partnership with the Kuwaiti Roudhan for the third year in a row, expressing his wishes for the presence of the Committee as a partner in the session always, especially as it is a positive and rich experience through which the Committee seeks to communicate with the brothers in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf and the Arab world, especially that Roudhan course is one of the oldest football courses in the Gulf region.

Al Khater considered that the participation of the committee as a partner in the Roudhan course is an opportunity to spread the culture of football, as well as conveying a message to the youth of Kuwait, the Gulf and the Arab world that the 2022 World Cup is their championship.