Posted on September 25, 2018

The new academic year was inaugurated with the Annual Convocation address in which Qatar University (QU) President Dr. Hassan Al Derham highlighted the university's visions during the coming period and the most important achievements in the past year. The convocation also included honoring distinguished faculty members, employees and graduates.

The event was attended by QU leadership, deans, heads of departments, program directors, faculty members, staff, students and alumni. Dr. Al Derham also honored QU members in various categories -- Outstanding Teaching Award, Distinguished Service Contributions for Faculty Members, Merit Award, Media Award, Employee of the Year Award, and Young Alumnus Award.

New academic year inaugurated 1 [].jpgDuring his speech, Dr. Al Derham expressed his sincere appreciation to the community of Qatar University whose efforts has brought success to the university in various fields locally, regionally and internationally. He said, “During the 41 years since its inception, the university interacted with its community and contributed to the development of Qatar with its academic and research expertise. The University will keep developing based on the needs of the community, expanding its faculty, academic programs to support the road to achieving Qatar National Vision 2030.”

Dr. Al Derham noted, “Our university is the largest in Qatar with more than 20,000 students and 40,000alumni. It houses the largest campus in the country.This is why QU must meet the aspirations of the diverse community in Qatar. For that, during the past year, Qatar University's new strategic plan, which covers the period from 2018 to 2022, has been launched to complement Qatar University's achievements and development and to begin the process of "transformation". Our mission, our new vision and our core values ​​have inspired us to shape the direction of the new strategy and to build on a comprehensive and rigorous strategic analysis to provide the best level of education to our students, encourage them to rely on their talents and inspire them to realize their potential.”

On QU’s most recent achievements in ranking, Dr. Al Derhamsaid: “Qatar University has made a significant advancement in the international ranking. QU has been ranked 332 in the QS world university rankings 2019, a 17 position jump from its 2018 performance.The University also improved in the “QS Top 50 Under 50” ranking by one position on its 2018 performance and by 13 positions on its 2016-2017 performance. It is almost amongst the 3 universities ranked from the Arab region. The university has made a huge improvement in the Times Higher Education (THE) Emerging Economies University Rankings by advancing its position from 75 in 2017 to 35 in the 2018 rankings.

On research, Dr. Al Derham said,“In the academic year 2017-2018, the University has received 80 research projects funded by Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). We have research partnerships with 332 local and international institutions. The University has also succeeded in increasing the number of research papers by 422% between 2010-2017, and the university researchers were able to publish more than 1400 research papers and registered six patents in 2017.”

New academic year inaugurated 2 [].jpg

Following his address, Dr. Al Derham distributed the following awards:

Outstanding Teaching Award – Dr. HusamAldamen and Dr. LukmanThalib

Distinguished Service Contributions for Faculty Members – Dr. Nabil Ghantous and Dr. Abdelsalam Gomaa Abdelsalam

Merit Award – Dr. Sumaya Al-Maadeed

Media Award – Dr. Nayef Al Shamari and Dr. Majed Al Ansari

Employee of the Year Award – Ms. Maha Al Thani and Ms. Maha Al Dafa

Young Alumnus Award –Mr. Jassim Al Namaa and Mr. Subah Al-Kuwari