Posted on January 01, 2019

Many migrant workers who recently travelled outside Qatar to celebrate New Year with family or friends in their home countries or other tourist destinations hailed the new experience of travelling sans exit permits.

The end of exit permit for migrant workers covered under the Labour Law came into force two months ago. The amended law ensures the right of the expatriate workers that come under the provisions of the Labour Law to leave the country without exit permit while the new law is not applicable on employees of government entities, semi-governmental organisations and also on domestic help.

From the beginning of October 2018, the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs had started receiving requests from private companies seeking exit permit requirement for five percent of their employees under the new law. “The end of exit permit gives one a lot of psychological satisfaction. Just the feeling that you can travel whenever you want in time you want is sufficient and also it is guaranteed by all laws,” said Sobhi, an employee at real estate company. Amin, a worker at a restaurant, said that thanks to authorities concerned end of exit permit is laudable despite the fact that the companies do not like. 

Commenting on the fears and concerns of companies regarding the end of exit of permit, lawyer Issa Al Sulaiti (pictured) said: “I think the companies concerns have been taken into consideration by the law when a certain percentage of 5 percent is set for those employees with sensitive responsibilities who are supposed to notify their companies before travelling.” “This measure also meets the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the freedom of people to move. Of course, it was necessary to take into account the rights of companies as well as security matters and there is no doubt that the competent authorities took all these things into account and this issue is an achievement and progress for Qatar and we wish more success on the occasion of the new year.” Al Sulaiti added.

source: The Peninsula