Posted on December 22, 2018

A state-of-the-art greenhouse equipped with automated temperature control and irrigation systems was recently displayed at the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara during an agricultural exhibition drawing attention of agriculturists. 

Introduced by Naaas Agricultural Consulting and Greenhouse, the greenhouse promises to produce quality farm products with little impact on environment. Besides, available in market in four different sizes, the greenhouses are ideal for kitchen gardens as well. Speaking to Qatar Tribune, an official of Naaas Agricultural Consulting and Greenhouse said, “Agricultural enthusiasts in Qatar are keen to adopt the latest technologies to produce quality products with less impact on environment. We are getting a lot of queries about this technology-supported, environment-friendly multipurpose greenhouse.”

Temperature in these greenhouses can be controlled by remote control. Apart from producing vegetables, these greenhouses can also be used for small-scale fish farming. One of the visitors to the exhibition, who is passionate about agriculture, said, “Conventional methods of agriculture have severe limitations in deserts. So, we have to adopt innovative farming technologies to grow food in such a climate.” The agricultural exhibition witnessed participation of a large number of agriculture consultancy service companies.

A large number of people have come forward to cultivate vegetables for their domestic requirements following the campaign launched by the Agriculture Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment to achieve food security in the State. Besides, financial support offered by banks and increasing number of agriculture consultancy services have given an additional boost to farming. Manager of Our Farm Agriculture Services, Gafoor Muhamed said, “There is also a trend in Qatar to produce organic vegetables without using chemical fertilisers. The trend has gained momentum after the unjust siege imposed on the country. Besides, existing farms are being expanded and farmers are exploring technologies to be able to produce fruits and vegetables in all seasons.”

source: Qatar Tribune