Posted on June 30, 2019

Northwestern University in Qatar has announced a new master’s program for professionals looking to start or advance their career in the business of sports.  

The Master of Arts in Sports Administration (MSA) program, which is offered by NU-Q in partnership with Northwestern University’s School of Professional Studies, will equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the economic enterprise of sports.

The MSA courses – both online and on campus at NU-Q – will be taught by faculty members with extensive professional and scholarly expertise in the field of sports and sports management. In addition to core courses on operations, marketing, and sponsorship in sports, students will also enroll in a four-course program on Global Sport Communication designed to prepare students for communication, marketing, and promotional roles in the global sports industry. “With the growing focus on strengthening the local and regional sports industry, along with the upcoming 2022 World Cup, this degree offers young professionals an opportunity to build a solid foundation in strategic, creative, and analytic skills that are essential for success in this highly competitive and complex domain,” said Everette E. Dennis, dean and CEO.

To complete the MSA degree, students must earn credit from a total of 11 courses that include sports research methods; legal and ethical issues; the technology of sports; and global sports communication. They must also complete a capstone or thesis project to demonstrate a firm understanding of the fundamentals of sports administration and communication. “The MSA degree provides students from Qatar and the region access to a graduate program from one of the world’s top universities on the business of sports that will enable them to advance in their professional careers,” said Jairo Lugo-Ocando, director of executive and graduate education at NU-Q.

The deadline to apply to the program is July 15, 2019. For more information, click here.