Posted on November 26, 2013

Women in Qatar will for the first time have access to a new assisted reproductive technique that can extend their fertility with the introduction human oocyte cryo preservation at Women’s Hospital.

Dr. Mariam Alabdllah, Woman's Hospital

In this novel technology called human oocyte cryo preservation (egg freezing), a woman’s egg cells (oocytes) are extracted, frozen and stored. When the woman is ready to become pregnant, the eggs can be thawed, fertilized, and transferred to the uterus as embryos.

“Egg freezing is one of the most recent technologies used for treatment of infertility. It can also be used for women who have been diagnosed with cancer and have not yet begun chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The woman’s oocytes can be frozen and stored until the time when she is ready to become pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF),” said Dr. Mariam Al Abdulla, Consultant, Infertility and IVF and Head of the Assisted Reproduction Unit at Women’s Hospital.

“The Assisted Reproduction Unit receives referrals from the Outpatient Department (OPD) where both spouses have undergone all the necessary medical tests,” Dr. Al Abdulla explained. In vitro fertilization is a process by which an egg is fertilized by a sperm outside the body, in a fluid medium in a laboratory.

Dr. Al Abdulla explained, adding that IVF is one of the best assisted reproductive methods, with up to 50 percent success rate. “IVF has a higher success rate than other conventional methods of infertility treatment.”