Posted on January 09, 2020

It’s a familiar scenario played out in countless households around the world at the start of every new year: often elaborate plans and declarations being made by young and old to lose weight, eat healthier and improve their overall fitness. More often than not, these intentions fall flat at the first hurdle, only to return as the next year looms on the horizon. Fortunately, making positive lifestyle changes does not have to be this arduous, as a new book by Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press (HBKU Press) amply demonstrates.

Since launching in 2010, HBKU Press has published an impressive array of fiction and non-fiction titles spanning numerous genres. Recent additions to the publishing house’s portfolio include several books offering fresh thinking and unique perspectives on health and wellness. Given the renewed attention to these two areas every January, Doha International Book Fair 2020 provides the ideal opportunity to highlight HBKU Press’ contributions to healthier lifestyle literature.

These include A Beautiful Balance: A Wellness Guide to Healthy Eating and Feeling Great. Written by world-renowned clinical nutritionist and naturopath Zoë Palmer-Wright, this book maintains a simple but reassuring message from start to finish. Fad diets in vogue one week but out the other fall from favor for one simple reason: they do not work. Indeed, if people are serious about losing weight, feeling healthier and becoming more confident, it is time to ditch dieting and fall in love with food that is truly good for you.

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Full of delicious and nourishing recipes, including healthier twists on traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, A Beautiful Balance: A Wellness Guide to Healthy Eating and Feeling Great provides readers with the necessary tools to control sugar cravings and look and feel their best. Based on her 10 years working as a clinician, researcher and educator, the Bali-based nutritional expert has also developed a holistic approach to creating healthier lifestyles. This focuses on an easy-to-adopt set of nutritional guidelines as well as a novel framework for encouraging better health.

Otherwise known as the ‘Six Pillars of Wellness’, this framework effectively takes readers on a journey towards healthier and more sustainable lifestyle choices. By traversing each pillar at their own pace, readers will eventually feel more satisfied, energized, lighter and happier. In doing so, they will also gain a deeper understanding of how food and lifestyle options affect health while building practical advice and knowledge for getting their fitness back on track.

Zoë Palmer-Wright will be among several authors to appear at the HBKU Press booth at Doha International Book Fair 2020. Besides signing copies of A Beautiful Balance: A Wellness Guide to Healthy Eating and Feeling Great, she will offer personal insights into the development of the book and tips on ensuring healthy lifestyle changes remain in place for the duration. Her visit to Qatar will include a trip to Torba Farmers Market on Saturday, 18 January between 10am and 5pm and engagements at Qatar Academy schools. Wherever she goes, the message will be the same: forget the fad diets and take back control of your well-being and waistline today!

A Beautiful Balance: A Wellness Guide to Healthy Eating and Feeling Great will be launched at the Doha International Book Fair 2020 in both Arabic and English.