Posted on October 17, 2015

The National Health Insurance Company (NHIC) announced today the launch of the Annual Health Check-up for members of Seha. The new service will be provided to all Qatari nationals aged 18 years or above. Seha’s Annual Health Check-up is developed using the most up-to-date scientific evidence from international and local best practices. Members will be able to leave with a better understanding of their health, steps to improve if needed and become better informed and in control of their own health.

NHIC emphasized on the importance of early detection, followed by treatment and regular follow-up as it lowers the risk of potential complications. It is therefore important for members of Seha to get checked even if they feel perfectly healthy. This service comes to establish the concept of preventive health care among the nationals, which helps in building healthier generations and developing the health care sector in line with the National Health Strategy.

Qatari nationals of 18 years of age, or above, are eligible to take the check-up. The Annual Health Check-up consists of two parts: Behavioral Tests and Physical Tests. Behavioral Tests provide members with the opportunity to share extensive information on their medical background. This information is then shared with the physician and supports development of a unique and comprehensive care plan for each member. The questions in this section are very thorough and cover areas such as self-reporting on health status and risk factors including smoking, exercise, diet, mental health, personal and family medical history, and preventive screening. It is important for members to thoroughly and carefully complete the Behavioral Tests.

The Physical Tests are completed by the physician and nurse who will collect the key biometric parameters, including weight, body mass index, waist size, heart rate, and standardized blood pressure. The physical test will also include basic laboratory tests including fasting serum glucose, lipid profile and Hemoglobin A1C. According to the results of both mentioned tests, the physician might order additional tests, radiology or refer the patient to a specialist if needed.

Seha’s coverage includes both in-patient and out-patient services including preventative care, emergency treatment, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, long-term care, radiology, ophthalmology, laboratory testing and prescription medicines as well as dental and optical services. In order for the member to get the medical service, the Qatari ID must be presented upon visiting the service provider in addition to updating Unwani.

Information and updates on the scheme are available at the Seha website and through social media at and Members can also call the Seha call centre on the toll-free number 8008800, or alternatively visit the customer care centre on the sixth floor of Amwal Tower in West Bay, Doha.