Posted on August 12, 2017

The Ministry of Public Health yesterday announced that local markets are free from eggs produced in one of the European countries, which has been notified worldwide of possible contamination with pesticide residues. The Ministry also said it is closely following the news.

The Ministry said that Qatar does not import eggs from the country mentioned in the notification. As the official statistics have showed that a total of 1,550,920 kg of eggs were imported during the period from May to July 2017, from 10 different countries including six Arab countries, three European countries and one from East Asia. The Ministry has also emphasised that all imported consignments regardless to their country of origin are subject to regular tests and inspection by the central food laboratories of the Ministry of Public Health.  All the tests carried out recently in the laboratories proved that the eggs in the local markets were accord to the accredited standards.

The Ministry of Public Health has taken all precautionary measures to take samples of eggs  imported from Europen countries  for further examination and enhance assurance of the consumers. The Ministry’s Central Food Laboratories were classified among the best 15 laboratories in the world and are internationally accredited in the standard ( ISO 17025: 2005) for analytical laboratories which covers the European Regulation on pesticide residues in food products with 372 pesticides.

source: The Peninsula