Posted on November 25, 2014

Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) has completed a program of innovative Weekend Workshops on new media and multimedia, offering 54 high school students a unique insight into higher education while interacting and learning from NU-Q students and alumni.

The Weekend Workshop initiative is part of a number of programs, including the Northwestern Media Institute Program and Qatar Leadership Conference, designed for high school students to explore the exciting world of media and to showcase NU-Q’s two majors—journalism and communication. Since launching the Weekend Workshops in 2010, over 200 local high school students have attended the program that has in the past covered themes such as: blogging and new websites, 2D animation, working with actors, investigative reporting and documentary versus mock-umentary subject topics.

Through a series of hands-on activities specialists hosted three consecutive Saturday introductory courses for Qatar-based students in grades 9 through to 12 on the theme of ‘The Digital Revolution.’To acknowledge their involvement, students were recognized with an official certificate upon completion of the full program. Noor Al Reyahi, student from Al Jazeera Academy, said: “The workshop helped me understand what communication and journalism really is, and what it would look like if I choose to go into this field. It’s showed me how important technology is for our next generation and it’s something I want to be a part of.”

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Bright Future Pakistani International School student, Reem Muhammad, also said: “I would love to have a chance to be a part of NU-Q. I love the environment and taking part in the workshop has definitely inspired me to go into journalism and media.” 

“These workshops offer a unique opportunity to engage with young media enthusiasts presenting insights into the history of digital media and its impact on today’s society,” said Everette E. Dennis, Dean and CEO of NU-Q.“We nurture the future leaders of the media industry through excellent teaching and offering opportunities for personal intellectual growth, within a diverse academic community. We hope this experience will help guide these young students on their academic path, and hope to see them on campus and in our classes next year.”

Local high school students interested in participating in the next series of Weekend Workshops can apply in the coming months for the February 2015 workshops on ‘Investigative Reporting.’ NU-Q students receive instruction from a world-class international faculty as part of a university boasting more than 200,000 living alumni, including countless public figures, statespersons, and societal leaders.